On our website it is very easy to track, we update the status of your order step by step until it is sent. All you need is to enter the “my account” section in the upper right.

1. How do I enter my account section?

On the web, every time an order is placed a new user is automatically created, to enter the section my account you just have to click on “Forgot?”.

Once inside enter the email with which you placed the order and you will receive an email with a password, you return to the web and entering the credentials you can already enter the section.

2. How can I see the status of my order?

In the “my account” section on the home page of the section you can see the order history, below you can find the status of your orders, this will be changing as events occur within your order.

3. How to track the shipment?

Once your order is sent you will receive an email notifying you, at that time you can enter the “my account” section. You will see the icon of a truck next to the state, putting the mouse on top you will see the tracking code and the shipping company. If you click on the “View” button you can find the same information.

Very important! Keep in mind that depending on the country the shipment is trackable or not, international postal companies may be connected or not. So if you enter your shipping code in the transport company and you don’t get results, we recommend you do it here: https://www.17track.net.

Different questions that may arise when tracking your order:

  • If your order is not trackable: You will only see information on the country of departure once it leaves, you will not see more information.
  • If your order is trackable: Countries may not pass information between different postal services. Enter your code in emails and in the postal service of your country. So you will see the updated status.
  • My order information does not appear in the postal services of my country, the following things may occur:
    • Your order is not trackable in your country.
    • Your order has not arrived in your country, it is in transit.
    • Your order is in the customs of your country and the transport company does not register your order until the sale of customs.

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