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How to change Ray-Ban RB4246 lenses?

How to replace the lenses RB4246

Ray-Ban glasses model 4246 are a model that was very successful when it was launched on the market because of their shape and colours, they are glasses that suit both men and women. Many times, the problem that arises with this model is that it has many pieces and some of them get lost or damaged and it can be difficult to change them. That’s why in this tutorial we are going to show you how to change Ray-Ban RB4246 lenses.

Steps to change lenses RB4246

change lenses RB4246

Changing the RB4246 lenses is easy, but we have to be careful because the screws are small and can be misplaced.

  1. We take a 3-in-1 screwdriver and hold the top part which is flat.
  2. We turn the glasses upside down so that we can remove the screw 82 that holds the lens in place – be careful, it’s very small.
  3. Remove the lens and insert the new one, making sure that the edges match the mount.
  4. When the lens is in place again, tighten the screw until the lens is fixed inside the mount.

We have already changed the lenses!

Important points

  • The screw is very small so it is important to keep it in sight at all times.
  • Ray-Ban 4246 lenses are made of glass, so we must be careful not to drop them because they scratch and break more easily than plastic lenses.
  • Make sure the lens is securely in the mount.

Here is an illustrative video on how to change Ray-Ban RB4246 lenses.

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