Compatible lenses: How are they made?

Ray-Ban Oakley lentes compatibles

In today’s post we will show you the manufacturing process of our Ray-Ban and Oakley compatible lenses.

Compatible lenses are a great option when replacing your lenses. They are available in a variety of colors and are of the highest quality.

Unlike the originals, the price of the compatible lenses is lower, without losing vision quality.

Its main features are:

  • Made of high quality Triacetate (TAC).
  • European product.
  • All sunglass lenses have UV 400 protection and are polarized.

Video: Manufacturing compatible lenses

We have recorded a video explaining the manufacturing process of our compatible lenses:


Unlike the original lenses, we can apply different coatings to the compatible lenses, among which are the following:

  • Polarized: Polarized lenses block reflected light and let only useful light through. Allows for clear vision and natural color perception.
  • Anti-Scratch: Also called hardened, it is a coating that makes the lens more resistant to scratching.
  • Anti-reflective: The anti-reflective treatment prevents glare and reduces light reaching the eyes.
  • Oleophobic: Oleophobic lenses resist oil deposits (such as fingerprints). Because of this, not only do they offer nearly 100% light transmission, but they stay cleaner for much longer than standard anti-reflective lenses. Reducing the need to clean the lenses also reduces the likelihood of scratching.
  • Anti-Sea Water: Anti-seawater treatment is a special treatment that makes the coating film more stable and can withstand 48H seawater immersion test. It resists weak acid and alkaline water effectively, so it can meet the needs of beach use.

Our compatible lenses are available for most Ray-Ban and Oakley models and you can find them in our online store by searching the name of your model and selecting the compatible option. Just like the original lenses, compatible lenses come with a 2 year warranty against manufacturing defects.

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