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Lens exchange RB2140 WAYFARER

How to replace Ray Ban 2140 Wayfarer lenses

Who doesn’t know the legendary Ray-Ban RB2140 Wayfarer glasses? It’s the classic among classics, timeless as they come. We find it in all kinds of movies and it is worn by all kinds of celebrities. That’s why today we show you how to change your RB2140 Wayfarer glasses.

With the use and for some fortuitous fall the original lenses of the RB2140 model can break or break, it is due to the fact that these lenses are made of crystal or glass. For this reason, and because of the difficulty involved in removing and inserting the lenses of this model, we are going to show you our tricks to do it in a quick and homemade way.

I would like to clarify that changing the lenses of this model is the same or very similar to doing other Ray-Ban acetate, paste or plastic models such as the RB2132 New Wayfarer, RB4340 Wayfarer, RB2180 and RB4068.

To change the Ray-Ban lenses we need to heat the frame, the chosen way to heat it is hot water at about 40º, we can also use a hairdryer but we have to take into account that if we heat it too much we can remove the shine of the frame and we can damage it. This is something we do not recommend doing without experience.

Steps to change RB2140 WAYFARER lenses:

Here’s how to do it: 

  1. We fill a bowl of water at about 40º.
  2. We introduce the front of the glasses.
  3. We wait a little for the mount to warm up. Why heat the frame? Acetate is a material that can be handled when heated and can be shaped. By heating it a little we can remove the lenses much easier.
Lens exchange RB2140 WAYFARER

4. Push with your thumbs carefully (the lenses are made of glass), bend the bridge frame a little (very carefully) and with a little skill the lenses will come out.

Lens exchange RB2140 WAYFARER

5. To insert them back into the frame we do the reverse operation. Once heated in our bowl, from the top-nasal we introduce the lenses through the front and press with the thumbs.

6. We have already changed the lenses of the Ray-Ban 2140 Wayfarer.

Here is an illustrative video of the RB2140 WAYFARER lens change:

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