Top 10 Ray-Ban Accessories

Top Ray-Ban Accessories

The original Ray-Ban accessories are the best companions for your Ray-Ban glasses. All of them have a great quality and unique style that will not leave anyone indifferent.

The best way to take care of your Ray-Ban glasses when you are not wearing them is to put them in a case, there are hundreds of covers or cases for glasses, however, getting an original case from the brand will ensure that it fits perfectly and does not damage or deform your glasses.

Below we will show you a series of original Ray-Ban accessories, covers and cases available.

Ray-Ban Accessories: Ray-Ban Classic Case

Most Ray-Ban models come standard with this case, however you may prefer to have it in a different color than the one that came with your model, or it has simply worn out and you need to change it. These are the different colors available for the classic case.

Ray-Ban Accessories
Ray-Ban Classic Black Case

The classic Ray-Ban case in black color represents the most conservative and elegant style of the brand. Its rough synthetic leather texture is an excellent choice. In addition, the interior is lined with a velvety texture that perfectly protects your glasses. The closure features a sturdy metal button that will ensure your case won’t accidentally open. On the outside you can see the Ray-Ban insignia in gold or silver color next to the Luxottica manufacturer’s logo. You can get it here.

image 7
Ray-Ban Classic Brown Case

The classic Ray-Ban case in brown color gives a sophisticated touch to your glasses. Its color is reminiscent of the classic saddle leather. In this case the logo of the brand is in black. Like the black one, the inside is lined with a velvety texture. You can find it at this link.

image 8
Ray-Ban Classic Special Edition Rugged Case

In this case we show you the classic case in the special Rugged edition . Unlike the rest of the cases, this one has a more sober and urban style without leaving aside its sophistication. It has a rough texture that is highlighted by the copper-colored button. You can get it by following this link.

image 15
Ray-Ban Classic Red Case

If your attitude is more daring, you will opt for the classic red case. It is the most striking of these cases and leaves no one indifferent. It can be the ideal complement for your glasses with colored lenses. If this color is yours, you can find it at this link.

Ray-Ban case for large models

funda grande
Ray-Ban case for large models

Do you have an eyewear model that doesn’t fit in the above cases? Ray-Ban also has a case designed for these larger and curved models. Like the rest of the brand’s cases, it is made with the best materials. In this case the texture is smoother and it is available in black. This case is specifically designed for large models such as Ray-Ban 3183, Ray-Ban 3387, Ray-Ban 3293, Ray-Ban 4068… You can find it by following this link.

Ray-Ban case for folding models

image 10
Ray-Ban Folding format cases

Ray-Ban has some folding models. The advantage of these models is that they take up less space, so cases have been designed specifically for these models, such as the Ray-Ban Folding Wayfarer 4105 or the Folding Aviator. This case can be found in the classic brown and black colors. You can get them with the best price in the market in this link.

Ray-Ban Cleaning Cloth

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Ray-Ban Cleaning Cloth

It is always necessary to clean your glasses with a safe fabric that does not scratch your lenses. For this reason, Ray-Ban has cleaning cloths that guarantee an effective and safe cleaning, both for sunglasses and eyeglasses models. Each one has a microfiber of the best quality that ensures the best results. These cloths are very economical and you can find them below in their version for sunglasses and their version for eyeglasses.

Ray-Ban Eyeglasses Case

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Ray-Ban case for prescription glasses

Prescription eyeglasses need to be stored in a case that protects the lenses perfectly. This is why Ray-Ban has a sturdy case that will prevent your glasses from getting bumps or scratches. It has a powerful hinge that will prevent the case from opening accidentally. Inside it has a silky texture that will not leave any marks on your glasses. You can get it at this link.

Other accessories

In addition to protecting your glasses, you may need to adjust screws, nuts or disassemble your glasses for any reason. A special mini screwdriver for glasses can be very useful for this purpose.

4 in 1 Mini Screwdriver

image 13
4 in 1 Mini Screwdriver

This 4 in 1 Mini-Screwdriver is suitable for mounting lenses of Ray-Ban RB3183, RB3179, RB3186 glasses… among others. It has different functions and heads:

  • Flat head
  • Star head
  • Large Hex Nut
  • Small Hex Nut

You can get this useful tool by clicking on this link.

3 in 1 Mini Screwdriver

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If you need a small, more basic screwdriver to change your arms/temples or tighten screws, this 3-in-1 Mini Screwdriver may be ideal for you. It has two heads and one for tightening nuts. You can find it at this link.

We hope you liked this selection of accessories for your Ray-Ban glasses. You can find these and many more in our online store. Don’t forget to follow us on our Instagram and Facebook. We also have a YouTube channel where we upload video tutorials.

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