How to change the nose pads or arm pads of your Ray-Bans?

Have you ever noticed those plastic or silicone pads that our glasses have? And, have you noticed the colour acquired by these pads over time? It’s bit disgusting, and, therefore, eventually it is essential to change this part. In today’s blog we will tell you how to change the nose pads or arm pads of your Ray-Bans.

We’ll show you step by step:

  1. In order to change the nose pads or arm pads of your Ray-Bans a precision screwdriver or a very small screwdriver, a chamois or a cloth and if possible a pair of pliers is required.
  2. First cover the lens on the side of the arm pad to be replaced. With this action damaging the lens due to a mishap is avoided.
  3. Once our lens is covered, using the precision screwdriver pry the tabs where the Ray-Ban nose pads are located. Once opened a “crack”,  pop the nose or arm pad off.
  4. In order to install the new nose pad, place onto its mount, press into place and using the pliers tighten the screws of each tab so as to close them.
  5. Once it is properly affixed, our arm or nose pad has been changed.

It’s quite simple, but there is always something that may vary or have a rather unusual mechanism. As you already know, should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to us and we will be very happy to help.


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