How to change the temples/frame arms of your Ray-Bans?

How to change the temples/arms of your Ray-Bans?

Over time the temples of our glasses deteriorate and even break in half. At, we show you how to change the temples of your Ray-Bans.

We’ll show you step by step:

  1. In order to change your temples or frame arms a precision screwdriver and if possible a pair of tweezers is required. Picking up tiny screws using your hands can be very cumbersome.
  2. There are generally two screws in metal frames. One for the lenses and another for the temples. The frame arm screw must be unscrewed. In acetate or plastic frames there is generally only one screw.
  3. Once our screws have been removed, it’s best to them leave in a safe place so that they do not roll away and then adjust the new temple. In order to install it, and so that you can insert the screw you will have to place the arm frame at a 45º angle facing toward you and using the pliers place the screw in the hole.
  4. Tighten our screw.
  5. And voilà!Our temple is changed!

It’s quite simple, but there is always something that may vary or have a rather unusual mechanism. As you already know, should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to us and we will be very happy to help.

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