How to install arms – temples Ray-Ban 7017?

How to change arms RB7017

Today we are going to discover how to change the arms or temples of the Ray-Ban 7017 model. The complexity of changing the arms of this model lies in the fact that the flex spring is located inside the arm. So when we remove the screw and try to put the new leg we will see that both holes do not match. So before you despair read our article or watch the tutorial on our youtube channel

There are many hinges and arms in the glasses market, because the differences are not very substantial when it comes to changing them, we have categorized 4 types of change pins:

Today we are going to change some temples with internal flex spring, these are the arms of the RB7017 model. These weeks we have received several queries about the change of model temples so we are going to show you how to change them below:


Buy the original replacement arms


We remove the screw from the arm to change it.


We lower the trim a little, open the spring with the help of a clip and leave it open by inserting another clip into the spring opening


We put the temple in the hinge and tighten the screw

We have also made a video to make it easier for you


  1. I have a pair of ray-ban glasses that are prescription I'm not really sure what happened but one of my arms on the glasses seem to have sprung. How can I fix this or what do I need to do. The eye glass places that I have been to really don't want to touch them.

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