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How to install the lenses of your Ray-Ban 4165 Justin?

How to change the lenses of your Ray-Bans JUSTIN RB 4165?

One of the icons of Ray Ban par excellence, is the Ray-Ban 4165 JUSTIN, the particularity of this model is its comfort, classic design and adaptation to all situations. Like all sunglasses, lenses are the element that most suffers wear and where we notice it most. That’s why in this tutorial we teach you to change theChange the lenses or sunglasses of your Ray-Ban 4165 Justin

  1. First of all we need to press in the center of the lenses, from the inside out with the thumbs. We will listen to a small click and we will see how the lenses come out easily.
  2. At the time of introducing the lenses we do it in the opposite way from outside to inside. From the top to the bottom, we put the squeeze the frame and that’s it, we changed our glasses!.

It’s simple, but there may always be something different or some mechanism a little special. If you have any questions, you know, you can contact us and help.

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2 thoughts on “How to install the lenses of your Ray-Ban 4165 Justin?

  1. I’d like to get a pair of templates and the screws that attach the glasses to the templates.
    Model 3386
    Frame color 001

    1. We believe you need 82 – Schroeven Scharnier Pair, which you can find here:

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