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How to change the RB3183 temples?

How to replace the temples 3183

Ray-Ban glasses model 3183 are comfortable, small and lightweight, which is why they are a very popular model. The lenses are very easy to change as they are placed on the glasses and, by adding the screws from the lens kit, they are secured and fastened to the frame. It is true that the temples can give us more problems. That’s why, in this article, we show you how to change the RB3183 temples.

Steps to change the RB3183 temples

  1. Remove the screw that holds the temple to the front.
  2. You will notice that one flange of the rod is pushed inwards and if you place the temple with the front, they do not fit.
  3. To fit it back in, we introduce the tip of a wire through the hole and pull it out to remove the rod. In the remaining hole, we will put something to support the rod and then fit it in.
  4. Fit the new temple to the front and release the wire.
  5. Now all we have to do is insert the screw and tighten it.

We know it can be a bit difficult, so here is a video on how to change the RB3183 temples.

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