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How to change Oakley 9406 lenses

How to change Oakley lenses 9406 1

The Oakley 9406 Sutro is one of the most daring models of the brand, which is distinguished because the lenses are a full coverage screen to ensure total protection against the sun’s rays. It is specifically designed for winter sports, where the snow reflects the sun’s rays very strongly and we need sun protection for our eyes. In addition, their shape allows us to wear them comfortably to practice this type of sports. In this article we will show you how to change Oakley 9406 lenses.

Change Oakley 9406 lenses

Steps to change Oakley 9406 lenses

Changing the 9406 lenses is very simple, as the screen is inserted into the frame, so we just have to press it in.

  1. Press with your thumbs from the inner side of the frame outwards. Start at one corner of the shield and press all the way around the frame until the shield comes out of the frame.
  2. To insert the new screen, we will simply do the same little bit but in this case we will start pressing from the external side of the lens.

Here is an illustrative video of changing Oakley 9406 lenses.

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