How to identify the serial number of your Ray-Ban model?

How to identify the serial number Ray Ban

How do I know which is my Ray-Ban model?

The first thing we need to do to identify the model number Ray-Ban is to find the serial number that appears on arm or temple. Once we identify the model number will see that such a nomenclature and RBXXXX This will be our model Ray-Ban appears.

Identify Ray Ban Model 1

How to identify the frame color of your Ray-Ban glasses?

Preceded by the Ray-Ban model number we will find a 3-4 digit code. This will be the color code of your frame. Very important! This number refers to the color of the frame or front of the glasses. For example, if the front of the glasses is black and the temples are red. The color name of this model is BLACK not RED.

Identify Ray Ban Frame Color

How to identify the lens color of your Ray-Ban glasses?

After the frame color code sometimes preceded by this symbol /, sometimes attached to the frame code and sometimes there is no Code.

FRAMECOLOR / XX –> Our lens color code is XX.

FRAME COLORXX –> Our lens color code is XX.

ONLY FRAME CODE –> Our lens color is G15 (Green) or B15 (Brown)

Identify Color Ray Ban Lenses 1

How to identify the size of the lens of your Ray-Ban glasses?

This number is very easy to find because it is between a square XX◻YY. The XX number will be the gauge or width of the lens. And what is the YY number? This would be the bridge width number in millimeters.

Identify Ray Ban lens and bridge size

How to identify the size of the temple of your Ray-Ban glasses?

The temple size is the last 3 numbers of the serial number of our Ray-Ban model. This number is identified in millimeters and refers to the length or length of the arms.

Identify Ray Ban arm Size 1

Video Tutorial: How to identify the serial number of your Ray-Ban model?

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  1. My model number is 4005 turbo 642. Require right replacement leg cannot see this model number in your lisr

  2. Why are you pretending that Ray Ban aviators don’t exist and that there isn’t a serial number on the other part of the frame?

  3. Where the hell can I find a replacement charging case for my ray ban stories wayfarer smart sunglasses?? I have literally looked everywhere and have ran out of options do can someone plz help ya boy out

  4. serial number: RB2198 902 55□16 145 original or a fake one?

  5. All the numbers have been wiped out what can l do?

    1. Hello!

      Send us photos to our email:

  6. Please check this serial number, is it real or fake
    RB4269 58 11-135

  7. Mine does not have the size codes. Only info is W1115 WWAS. How do I get sizes from that?

    1. Hi,
      The numbers I have are as follows; RB 3342 65 LI 14 – 125 (the LI is a small square).
      Do you stock suitable replacement green lenses?

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