How to repair your Ray-Ban?

In our blog, we will show you how to repair your Ray-Ban glasses by installing the original Ray-Ban spare parts that you can buy on our website.

How to identify the serial number of your Ray-Ban model?

How do I know which is my Ray-Ban model? The first thing we need to do to identify the model number Ray-Ban is to find the serial number that appears on arm or temple. Once we identify the model number will see that such a nomenclature and RBXXXX This will be our model Ray-Ban appears. […]

how to replace lenses of the Ray-Ban 4147 Boyfriend model

How to replace the lenses of the Ray-Ban 4147 Boyfriend model?

Steps to replace the lenses of the Ray-Ban 4147 Boyfriend model: Here you can buy the Original Ray-Ban 4147 replacement lenses. To extract the lenses you need to bend the glasses a little on the bridge part and push with your thumbs. To insert the lenses again, you need to insert the lens from the […]

How do you replace the replacement lenses on the Ray-Ban 4202 Andy?

How to replace the temples of the RB2140 Wayfarer model?

Yes, the day came today. We are going to show you how to change the Ray-Ban 2140 Wayfarer temples-arms. The most legendary model of the Ray-Ban brand in acetate. This model appears in a large number of mythical films and at this moment it is more current than ever. Here we show you the video […]

How to adjust your Ray-Ban glasses?

Yes, the glasses must be adjusted to the physiognomy of each one. The glasses and sunglasses come with standard sizes and shapes, although they are our size and they fit well, they can fall off because we need to adjust them to ourselves. Also, over time these settings may change shape and will need to […]

How to change arms RB7017

How to install arms – temples Ray-Ban 7017?

There are many hinges and arms in the glasses market, because the differences are not very substantial when it comes to changing them, we have categorized 4 types of change pins: Classic Metal temples Patillas Pasta Flex Spring Temples Patillas Muelle Flex Interno We have also made a video to make it easier for you

How to install Ray-Ban RB2140 Wayfarer lenses?

Who does not know the mythical Ray-Ban RB2140 Wayfarer glasses? It is the classic among the classics, timeless as alone. We find it in all kinds of movies and all kinds of celebrities carry it. That’s why today we teach you how to change Ray-Ban 2140 Wayfarer lenses. With the use and by an accidental […]

¿Cómo cambiar las varillas de bisagra con muelle Ray-Ban?

How to change the hinge arms with Ray-Ban spring?

We know the difficulty of changing this type of pins of your glasses. You will try and see that the hinge does not fit with the screw. That’s why we have made this little tutorial and video to make it easier for you: Open the spring with the help of a clip and leave it […]

How to replace the Ray-Ban RB3025 Aviator Large Metal lenses?

How to replace the Ray-Ban RB3025 Aviator Large Metal lenses?

The Ray-Ban brand icon is its AVIADOR model, this model of both graduate and sun is the banner of the brand. As is normal in sunglasses and as it can not be less in the Ray-Ban 3025 Aviator model, the lenses are the part that suffers most from the spectacle, being lenses of mineral material […]

How to change the lenses of your Ray-Bans JUSTIN RB 4165?

How to install the lenses of your Ray-Ban 4165 Justin?

One of the icons of Ray Ban par excellence, is the Ray-Ban 4165 JUSTIN, the particularity of this model is its comfort, classic design and adaptation to all situations. Like all sunglasses, lenses are the element that most suffers wear and where we notice it most. That’s why in this tutorial we teach you to […]

How to change the temples/arms of your Ray-Bans?

How to change the temples/frame arms of your Ray-Bans?

Over time the temples of our glasses deteriorate and even break in half. At, we show you how to change the temples of your Ray-Bans. We’ll show you step by step: In order to change your temples or frame arms a precision screwdriver and if possible a pair of tweezers is required. Picking up […]

How to change the lenses or eyeglass lenses of your Ray-Bans?

How to change the lenses of your Ray-Bans?

The lenses or eyeglass lenses of our Ray-Bans are the part which are prone to damage and it is where it is most noticeable in our glasses. In addition to causing a continuous discomfort to our vision, it is also very unsightly when looking at a person wearing glasses with very damaged lenses. Today at […]