How to adjust your Ray-Ban glasses?

How to adjust your Ray Ban glasses

Yes, the glasses must be adjusted to the physiognomy of each one. The glasses and sunglasses come with standard sizes and shapes, although they are our size and they fit well, they can fall off because we need to adjust them to ourselves. Also, over time these settings may change shape and will need to be re-adjusted every few months.

So today we are going to try to help you adjust your Ray-Ban glasses (and any other brand).

Where do we start?

Todo depende de la gafa y de tus rasgos faciales. Vamos a intentar mostrarte como hacerlo en 3 pasos:

Adjust Sunglasses

Step 1

The idea is to put the arms of our glasses straight. This task depends on the material, if your glasses are metal we recommend you do it with a pliers and if it is made of paste it is a bit more arduous task since we will need to heat it up.

earsocks tips 1

Step 2

Fold through the tips part at the height of our ear so that it does not fall off. Put on the glasses and bend the temple at the height of your ears, be careful! If you bend your temple too much they can bother you and hurt you.

risky jonr03

Step 3

We must put the glasses straight with respect to our eyes. Although we support the arms of our glasses on a straight surface and are fully aligned does not mean that the glasses are going to be straight


We all have one ear taller than another, they are not in the same situation. To do this we will fold the final part of the arms of the glasses. For example:

If the right part is not lower than the left, we will bend the right arm a little more than the left.

Below we show you a video of how we do it.

And you know, as always we are at your disposal for any doubt or question.